Northern Nights Music Festival

Withdrawals from This Years Northern Nights Music Festival

Still buzzing off the vibes from Northern Nights Music Fest this year. What an experience! Between those that I connected with over the weekend, to the jam session on the river, and getting loose at the Grove Stage, it is all very much missed!

Grace – Shot by @KristinaBaky

This festival was more than just a little weekend getaway in the woods and turned out to be one of my top favorite festivals to have been a part of. It was an honor to have experience the uniqueness of this Fest. With the fusion of art, music, cannabis, and yoga, it curated a beautiful array of people and energy.

Yoga – Shot by @Kristinabaky

Space Invader! – Shot by @Kristinabaky

The moment you plant your feet on the Redwood grounds, it’s like returning to your favorite amusement park, leaving you filled with so much excitement, followed with the urge to see everything and meet everyone. As someone who has experienced some pretty miserable times at festivals, Northern Nights Music Fest does it right. One, the weather was beautiful and pretty much perfect, a solid 85 degrees, plus you’re surrounded by the tall shady Redwoods, which helped tone down the heat. Second, the variety of music. Between the electric house music coming from the Main Stage or the groovy beats from the Purple Nights Art Gallery, it all flowed so well. Third, there was cannabis, and lots of it.

Cannabis Club – Shot by @Kristinabaky

It warmed my heart to have been able to attend a festival that actually embrace and acknowledge the power of cannabis and the community that comes with it. I was lucky enough to connect with those representing General Extracts and Marley Natural, both local manufacturing companies that provide quality products in the California region.

Camping at NNMF – Shot by @Kristinabaky

As tents go back in storage, you’ll find yourself reminiscing in the collection of memories made during the weekend of Northern Nights Music Fest and only hope to return once again next year.

It was a pleasure to have attended as a first timer and a guaranteed returner. I’ll see you all next year!



Aika Eden

August 21st, 2018

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