Tropicália 2018!!!!!

Yes rumors are true.. the Tropicália Festival is BACK AT IT AGAIN FOR 2018!!! Last year at Tropicália, the staff offered all you can eat tacos at its November 11 debut! Who does that? TROPICALIA FEST. Knowing that they have the Tropicália line up ready has everyone in awe knowing that there will be a Tropiciália in Long Beach for the second time ever! And to think on how the very first annual Tropicália brought the people together with not only super good music but.. good food. Shockingly, the authentic tacos are not the best possible reason to attend this Los Angeles event.

What I find to be a unique quality about this festival is the wide array of musicians that are going to be performing and vibing with us, the music lovers. This is a big treat for folks who truly enjoy what is known to be treasurous music, because music is a resemblance of gems. I love the diversity of music, and the diversity of backgrounds involved in this festival. The mix of folks is truly enticing; seeing the line up made me think that this festival was well thought out in the aspects of a broad soundwave going from hip-hop artist Cardi B, to Indie rock Clario, to Neo-soul filled artist Kali Uchis– but ultimately all these artists named now and in the first paragraph are really indefinable in what genres they are accustomed to. These artists are special and revolutionary in the music world, essentially being fluid in how they express their sound and adding powerful elements of their minds to create that music they bring out to share with the rest of the world.

And not to belabor this point, but this line up will BLOW OUT THE HOUSE! It may even blow away the Queen Mary ship into another dimension. Tropicália Festival will take place November 3rd AND 4th this year, meaning they are expanding on their line up timelines and the gig itself! This is really exciting and if you hadn’t had the chance to check out the full line-up yet, here it is under these words. Buy your tickets now at the official Tropicália website today!!



Aika Eden

August 16th, 2018

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