If You Miss These Artists, You’re Trippin: Treasure Island MF, Saturday

I know what you’re thinking.

“Liv, where the FUCK have you been? You haven’t written in a minute!”

Don’t worry guys. I’m back. I just needed to take a break. My brain was fried, my body was (and is) old and weathered, and my kids were starting to hate me for being gone so much. But… I’m back! So let’s dive in to the good stuff.

Treasure Island.

Whenever I hear that name, l always launch into my memory banks to the movie Pinocchio. In Pinocchio, Pleasure Island was a place where the naughtiest, who couldn’t be handled, were rounded up by a ne’er do well and transported by ferry to a place far removed from rules or reason.

Sounds pretty damn similar to a music festival to me.
Saturday Line up

For the hip hop heads like me, and many of you reading along at home, Saturday is prime. Saturday is the day that you cannot possibly miss for fear of missing out on some intensely great performances. See below:

A$AP Rocky

I’m not one to say “I manifested this shit” but… I manifested this shit. Early in the beginning of 2018, The Stonerettes and I sat down and talked about who was on our must see list for the year. Who we had to see, no matter what we did. Who we couldn’t imagine 2018 without…

A$AP Ferg/A$AP Rocky were the top of our lists. We managed to pull off seeing Ferg earlier this year in the Bay Area and it was so worth it. If that was the end of my A$AP journey for the year, than I think I would have been okay with it. Then NoisePop hit me about Treasure Island. I cried a little. I died a little. I recovered and composed and I am here to tell the tale. So as you can probably guess, I will be nowhere else but front and center when it’s time.

Rocky, however, is only the tip of the iceberg (and the headliner of the night) when it comes to Saturday and it’s full-snack of a line up. From beginning to end of the day, there are more artists than I can probably cover solo. So I am having to be far more careful with selections. Here are the ones I refuse to miss:

JPEG Mafia, aka Barrington Hendricks.

Yo I’m sorry but he could have kept Barrington Hendricks and I would have been 1000% okay with that. That’s one of the best rapper names I have ever heard. Barrington! It rolls off all of the tongue and just sort of lingers in the air, like really good weed. I digress though. This one man ball of energy hails from Baltimore and, as far as I can tell, produces most of his own stuff.
He is killing it in his videos, and has built a small but strong cult following. Those types of artists always fascinate me. so I am making sure to catch him live. I have a feeling it is going to be well worth it.

Young Barrington aka JPEG Mafia, will be on The Town stage at 12:40pm

I’m sticking with The Town for my next up on the “ones to watch” list — Moses Sumney, or Eryk Badu as I call him. This absolutely in touch, creative, been-here-before soul has been pushing some of the most beautifully unique music I have had in my ears as of late. Having toured before with Solange, Erykah Badu, and more, Moses definitely takes a page out of their trailblazing books, creating audible/visual experiences live, as opposed to a very one dimensional performance that can often be the case with concerts.

Moses will be on The Town stage at 2pm

What comes next, is the inevitable tough choice. The tough call all festival goers must face AT LEAST once in their sojourn. Take a break, get some food, and wait it out for the next show at The Town stage (Hiatus Kaiyote at 330), or make a break from the Town, and run your happy ass over to the next stage, which happens to feature the French dynamic duo Polo & Pan.

Rest, refresh and restore?
Or run rapidly through the throngs to The City?
Everybody’s got them….

I choose run. My chubby ass will make a break from the Town stage before Moses’ set ends to head over to The City to catch Polo & Pan. I have a weakness for French. It’s a weakness that can’t truly be explained, and I’m not going to try to. I just know that when I hear the French language… well let’s just say Polo & Pan could become a menage. Polo & Liv & Pan. PLP hold it down. With their mellifluous melodies and synth wave dreamscapes, they are definitely going to create a beautiful vibe to relax in. I will probably lay down in the grass, close my eyes, smoke a joint, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the pair of Parisian imports.

Polo & Pan will be on The City stage at 245pm.

Back to the Town I go after that, as I take in the madness of Hiatus Kaiyote, an indie future soul (yes I am almost sure that’s a thing) group that fuses a futuristic sensibility with a combination of old soul influences to create a unique soundscape to dance to and enjoy.

I also have a major crush on lead singer Naipalm, so I intend to get as close as possible to the stage. I just want to catch part of her energy. I have a feeling it is largely contagious. Nai emanates polyrhythmic gangster energy from her pores… so maybe I will get lucky and it will sprinkle on me a little bit.

Hiatus Kaiyote will be on The Town stage at 330pm

By the time Hiatus is over, it will be 420. That is my place to take space, to smash some food, to enjoy the surroundings, and to smoke multiple joints/blunts. With hopes that I am able to catch Laff Trax.

I know what you are thinking. It was the same thing I was thinking when I first saw the name.

“Who the hell is Laff Trax?”

Laff Trax is the musical brain child of Nosaj Thing, and Toro y Moi. I was blessed to be able to see Toro y Moi at NoisePop’s kick off to festival season, (fill in blank here). That’s the ONLY reason I would consider taking a food/smoke/bathroom break during this time. Otherwise, I would be front and center.

In fact, you should go and experience it for me! Let me live vicariously through you.

Laff Trax will be on The City stage at 420pm.

I’ll be glued to The Town stage at 5pm when Santigold comes on. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love me some Santigold. She was a consumate part of my soundtrack when I was in NY. Her beats, her delivery, her style — everything about her screams the gritty realism that NYC embodied for me. Heart thumping syncopated beats always slapped along to the rhythm of my feet pounding the pavement. She was my savior.

She was and is one of my musical goddesses, meant to be worshipped, and worthy of praise.

Hence me standing my happy ass front and center when she hits the stage at 505pm

From there, I ping back and forth. The Town? Santigold. The City? Amine. The Town!? Silk City! The City?! PUSHA-T!! Then back to The Town for A$AP.

Did I mention that this is only Saturday’s line up?
Tomorrow I will drop you Sunday’s line up for your perusal
Until then get your tickets NOW for this two day musical shmorgasbord at the link below:


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Olivia Monahan

October 1st, 2018

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