Thunderpussy in Sacramento


Thunderpussy is opening up for The Struts at Ace of Spades on November 11, 2018. I wanted to know more about Thunderpussy and their unique name. I spoke with the band and here is what we came up with.

How did Thunderpussy become a band?
-Put an add in Playgirl looking for a Diamond in The Muff.

How did you end up with the name “Thunderpussy?”
-It called to us like a witch to her broom.

What are Thunderpussy’s biggest musical influences?
-Tina Turner to Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin to Patti Smith, David Bowie to Aerosmith.

Your full length album “Thunderpussy” was released on May 25, 2018 and features 13 tracks. What was the process in developing this album?
-It was a long labor of love! We always joke that it was the longest incubation period but that a beautiful beast came from it.

What did you want to emphasize on your first album?
-We wanted to focus on experimentation and versatility. We didn’t want to capture our live act instead we shifted towards enhancing the nuances and details we couldn’t quite achieve live.

Your music video for “Speed Queen” included bar fights and motorcycles. What was your message in this video?
-Well, it’s a lesbian love story. #Dikesonbikes

What is it like opening up for the Struts?
-It’s been a lot of fun! They’re awesome and entertaining.

Welcome to Sacramento, California! Have you ever played here in Sacramento?
-We played the Crocker Art Museum a while back. We’re looking forward to comin back and spending a little time in the city.

Back in March, you played at the famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and recently performed at the Austin City Limits festival. How was that experience?
-It was a wonderful whirlwind. We LOVE Austin. The music, the art, and the people are incredibly vibrant.

After the tour is over, will you be working on new material?
-We already are!

It was great getting to know Thunderpussy more and we are excited to see them on Sunday!



Arik Ruiz

November 9th, 2018

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