Silverstein at Ace of Spades


Amazing performance by Silverstein at Ace of Spades.

Before we get to headliner Silverstein, let’s start with the band before them, Hawthorn Heights. They were terrific and started off with fan favorite “This is who we are.” Many of the punk rock fans were singing along and having a good time with Hawthorn Heights. Lead singer J.T. Woodruff talked to the crowd and thanked everyone for being fans. Then J.T. asked the crowd if they remember when they played at the Boardwalk and the crowd went crazy. Hawthorn Heights ended of their set with “Ohio is for lovers.”

Silverstein came out soon after and immediately started playing. Silverstein started off their set with “Smashed into Pieces,” followed by “Red Light Pledge.” Lead singer Shane Told informed the fans in the middle of their set that they loved playing in Sacramento and mentioned the Boardwalk again. For those of you who don’t know what the Boardwalk is, it’s the oldest venue in the Sacramento area and is still rocking out today. Silverstein played a long show with 22 songs and ended their night with fan favorite “My Heroine.”

It was a very punk rockish night, and we can’t wait until they come back to Sacramento.



Arik Ruiz

December 9th, 2018

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