Ozomatli at The Fillmore


Fantastic show at the historic Fillmore. Let’s recap the night shall we.

Before we talk about Ozomatli, let’s give a big shout out to San Francisco band Bang Data. These guys put on a great show and lead singer Deuce Eclipse was very humble to be part of the Ozomatli show. Bang Data’s music was a mix of different genres, much like Ozomatli. From Hip Hop to Latin music, Bang Data changed their style every other song and it was refreshing to watch.

As the stage crew switched instruments on stage, many fans were ready for a Ozomatli. In fact, no one left near the front of the stage left because they were enjoying the moment.

It was phenomenal to look around the scenery of the Fillmore. There were so many pictures of musicians and comedians, that it appeared like every wall was full of historic pictures. There was also stunning chandeliers on the ceiling, which blended the lights and stage perfectly. It was a breathtaking moment to be able to cover an event at the Fillmore. Let’s go back to the music.

In the twenty three years together as a band, Ozomatli still gets down on stage. From piano to guitars to saxophones, Ozomatli had it all. They started off the night with “La Gallina” and “Chango.” The fans were all dancing together and having a great time. Not many people had the phones out because they were singing along with lead singer Asdru Sierra. Ozomatli performed “Cuando Canto” and “Can’t Stop,” before ending the night with “Como Ves.” In the middle of the show Bang Data’s lead singer Deuce Eclipse came out to perform with Asdru.

The music brought joy to people and good vibes all around. By the end of the show, fans did not want to leave because they wanted more music.

It was the first time being part of the Fillmore experience and it definitely won’t be the last.



Arik Ruiz

January 21st, 2019

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