Lost Kings at Mezzanine

Lost Kings

Never covered a show with so much energy from DJs until Lost Kings!

Robert Gainley and Dr. No “Nick” had the crowd engaged from the moment they walked on set. As soon as the beat dropped, fans were ready to dance, scream, and raise their hands to bounce with the music. Lost Kings played their hits “First Love,” “You,” and “Phone Down.” Throughout the show, Robert and Nick would grab the mic and walk in front of the stage to get the crowd fired up. Nick jumped on top of the DJ set to dance along with the crowd. It was amazing to see how the crowd activity responded and danced to his rhythm.

Not only was the music refreshing and creative, but the screen behind Lost Kings was astonishing to watch. So many colors and designs were displayed throughout the show and it was mesmerizing.

It was fun to watch the crowd jump up and down when the beats drop towards the middle of Lost King’s songs. The fans were moshing and climbing each other’s shoulders.

Lost Kings did exactly what a great artist should do at a concert. They provided a better mood for everyone in a short amount of time. It was a fun night at the Mezzanine and we glad to witness up and coming artist Lost Kings. These guys are evolving music and will be stars soon.



Arik Ruiz

January 21st, 2019

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