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Marsha Ambrosius is coming to bear her soul

Marsha Ambrosius is the shit, and more folks need to act like they know that.

Alright, maybe I started that a LITTLE too aggressively. Let me try that again…

Marsha Ambrosius is the shit, more folks need to act like they know that, but I forgive you for being unaware. It’s not your fault. It’s this media-marketing world of Ariana Grande’s and Lana del Ray’s (I actually love Lana, but it rhymed) that tends to leave folks by the wayside. That’s okay though. That’s where I come in.


I’m Liv Styler. I love music, and I want other folks to love it, too. Which means sometimes rather than talking about the artists that are trending, or the blips on the radar that eventually fade into the twilight — I’m here to talk to you about the artists that have withstood. The ones that will be performing for the next 20 years whilst Lil Pump drives Uber.

I digress.

Marsha Ambrosius is the shit. Not just because her vocals are buttery, smooth, and act like a salve to wounds of the heart. Not just because she was a seminal part of (if not the major reason I liked) Floetry, who were huge in my high school daze. For those reasons, sure, but for so many more. She wrote BUTTERFLIES for gawds sake. I doubt much more needs to be said, but there is so much more that CAN be said.

Therein lies the difference between Ambrosius and many other chanteuses on the airwaves. Pull up a track by any of the random chart toppers and you will see a “written by” list that looks like a small scroll. Pull up the writer credits on Ambrosius’ latest album NYLA, and well…

It’s her. There are a couple of guest writers on Flood and Luh Ya but otherwise? It’s just her. Those are qualities hard to find on any album, and sadly, even less honored in the public forum. NYLA as an album had songs that lingered on your skin. They left a film on your soul that caused you to pause and reflect on the entirety of your love life. The album took you on a journey from the fizzy bubbly or the beginnings of love, to love so powerful it soaks through your bones, to the love that hurts and leaves a stain on your soul. All in 16 tracks.

A woman unafraid to speak her heart, her truth, and her hurt. Marsha’s talent matches her beauty, matches her vocals, matches her activism, matches her spirit. They shine, and that shine won’t be dimmed anytime soon.

Her live show though? Oof. You don’t want to miss out. Luckily for you, Marsha Ambrosius is coming to town on January 30th at Ace of Spades. Make sure to get your tickets now, at the link below:


I will be there.
Bring blunts.

Until then, you know where to find me:

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Olivia Monahan

January 22nd, 2019

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