Hollywood Undead & Cypress Hill took over Sac

Wow! Talk energy and good vibes from these artists. Hollywood Undead brought the rock and roll to Ace of Spades and Cypress Hill brought the hip hop. Let’s recap the show.

Another sold out show at Ace of Spades, and for good reason. There were many fans for Cypress Hill, as well as Hollywood Undead.

The stage was creative with a giant white bird in the background. The instruments and equipment was set and fans were patiently waiting. When Hollywood Undead took the stage, fans went crazy!

Each member of the band came out and they started rocking out! The LA native band started off with “Whatever It Takes” from their album “Five.” They continued with “California Dreamin” and the crowd was having a great time.

The song that sticks out to me was their next song. It is a record that is good to jump, bump, push, and scream to. I’m talking about “Undead.”

When “Undead” started playing, fans went nuts, moved around, and some pulled out their phones to record. It was awesome to see J. Dog, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, and Danny do the vocals on the song.

In the middle of the set, they played Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” which was awesome because Folsom prison is only 30 minutes away from Sacramento. Hollywood was incredible and ended their set with “Day of the Dead.”

Now it’s time for some Cypress Hill. The crowd was anxious and ready for B-Real and Sen Dog hit the stage. DJ Lord was setting the mood with his music and played 90s hip hop. When they walked up the fans screamed and roared of excitement. Shortly after, they played “Band of Gypsies” followed by “Real Estate.”

B-Real and Sen Dog still got that beautiful chemistry with their words. They rapped other classics including “When the Sh** goes down” and “Tequila Sunrise.” In the middle of their set, DJ Lord and Eric Bobo played and instrumental break.

It was awesome to observe the old school fans rap along with Cypress Hill in all of their songs. B-Real was talking about how crazy the crowd was to set up their iconic song “Insane in the Membrane.”

They ended their set with “Rock Superstar” and the fans wanted more. Everyone left Ace of Spades with smiles on their faces and looked happy to be part of a great show.

For more information on the rest of Hollywood Undead’s tour, please go to https://hollywoodundead.com/tour

For more information on the rest of Cypress Hill’s tour, please go to https://cypresshill.com/tour/



Arik Ruiz

March 23rd, 2019

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