The Faim coming to Ace of Spades

The Faim is on tour with Andy Black and they’re stopping by Sacramento on April 7, 2019!

Themashup wanted to know a little more about The Faim and we did an interview with Josh Raven (frontman) in The Faim.

How did The Faim become a band?
Well like most bands, it starts with playing music. Stephen and I had been in high school together and always performed, but never really focused on starting a band right away. We had an incredible connection and knew we wanted to explore this passion. Once we met Sam and Linden there was nothing else to add to the puzzle. Just friends playing and exploring the wonderful infinity of music.

How did you end up with the name The Faim?
We were rehearsing at our local studio in Perth, Australia and we found the name accidentally. We originally thought about the word Fame and we played around with the letters until we saw The Faim. We didn’t know what it meant at first, but we looked into it and discovered that it means “hunger” in French, and for us we couldn’t find a better word to describe our passion towards music.

Why did you change the band name from Small Town Heroes to The Faim?
We were going through so many changes as a band, sonically and conceptually. With everything growing so quickly we knew we wanted a name that could be relevant to ourselves throughout our entire career and grow alongside our understanding of music.

You have released a bunch of singles and your first EP. Is there an album in the works?
There is definitely an album in the works. It’s been a long time coming but we’re incredibly proud of the songs we’ve written so far.

What was it like working with Pete Wentz, when co-writing “Saints of the Sinners?”
Fall Out Boy has definitely been an influence of ours over the years, and to be in the same creative space with someone of that caliber was one of our most humbling and rewarding experiences as a band.

Is pop-rock music popular in Australia?
Definitely. With bands like 5 Seconds of Summer shining a light on the Australian music scene, pop-rock is making its way into every scene. With music being such an exciting amalgamation of genres at the moment, you never know what the next big sound is.

Your new music video for “Fire” was recently released. Very creative! Now a days, people rarely communicate with letters in a bottle. What was your message in this video?
Our message was to portray a sense of trust in your instinct and a belief in the beauty of possibility. It’s a feeling I think anyone pursuing a passion experiences.

What is it like to be opening for Andy Black from Black Veil Brides on this tour?
It’s a huge moment for us. We not only have an incredible tour playing for new crowds in the United States, but we have an opportunity to learn and work alongside an incredibly talented artist and team.

Welcome to Sacramento! Have you ever been here before?
Unfortunately not! But I’ve heard incredible stories.

Are there any festivals you are performing at this summer?
There are a few festivals we can’t mention and definitely more on our “list of things to do,” but we’re incredibly excited to be playing Reading & Leeds festivals again this year. We always have a great time performing and value every opportunity to watch some of the world’s and our own most powerful influences perform.

Get your tickets to see The Faim at http://www.aceofspadessac.com/EventDetail?tmeventid=1C00567399432CF5&offerid=0



Arik Ruiz

April 3rd, 2019

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