The Faim brought beautiful drama to Sac!

The Faim brought beautiful drama to Sac!

So glad to watch The Faim perform at Ace of Spades. The Faim has so much spirit and enthusiasm, it was more than a concert. It was a show!

Before the Faim went on stage, lead singer Josh Raven almost tripped on the speaker in front of the mic. Luckily he was ok, and continued on. The Australian band started off with “Saints of the Sinners,” followed by “My Heart Needs to Breathe.” Raven was all over the stage during the first few songs. He went into the press pit and got really close into the crowd and the fans were screaming with excitement and recording in their phones.

Throughout the show, Raven stood on top of the main speakers on the left of the stage and continue to sing. Raven jokes about not having the talent to sing before performing “Fire.” Stephen Beerkens, Samuel Tye and Linden Marissen all rocked out with their instruments and having fun. There were laughs, smiles, and screaming in the show.

On the last song “Summer is a Curse,” Raven walked on the side of the stage, to the back of the crowd. Then he ran into the crowd to get them involved. So much fun energy from Raven and the fans were living it. There was a huge cheer when The Faim finished their set and Sacramento. We wish success on The Faim and can’t wait to see them again in Sacramento.

Follow them on tour at http://www.thefaim.com/#tour



Arik Ruiz

April 9th, 2019

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