Weezer & The Pixies visit Golden 1 Arena

Wow! What an amazing performance by Weezer & The Pixies at the Golden 1 Center! The sounds, lighting, and performance was an experience. Let’s recap the night.

Many fans at the Golden 1 Center were wearing Weezer merchandise, but there were a lot of Pixies too. The stage was set up on the floor, towards the left side of the main entrance. The speakers were huge and the stage had all the instruments ready for the Pixies. Fans went crazy when each member started walking on stage. Frontman Black Francis aka Charles Thompson IV took the stage and started off with “Cactus” followed by “Nimrod’s Son.”

The set was simple but fantastic. Normally, on a big stage there are elaborate video presentations, stage design or lighting elements. Instead the band delivered hit after hit and it was awesome to hear! The Pixies didn’t need any other presentation because there music was spot on. The vocals from Francis were still amazing. His voice was both powerful and smooth. Guitarist Joey Santiago’s catchy electric guitar work blended Francis foundational strumming nicely on “All the Saints I Love” and fan favorite “Where Is My Mind.” Bassist Paz Lenchantin did her thing especially on songs “Bone Machine” and “Wave of Mutilation.” On “Monkey Gone To Heaven,” Lenchatin sounded just like The Pixies’ original bassist, Kim Deal.

Overall The Pixies still sounded like The Pixies after 30 years. Highly recommend to watch them, next time they are in Northern California!

Never seen an introduction the way Weezer did. As the four members of Weezer stood at a microphone in front of the stage at Golden 1 Center dressed in striped jackets and boater hats! The scene had an old school, acapella, barbershop vibe. The band performed an acapella version of “Beverly Hills” followed by Bill Haley and the Comets’ “Rock Around the Clock” while the band mounted the stage.
There was a 15 second pause between the introduction and first Weezer song. The crowd went wild as they began with classic “Buddy Holly,” from their 1994 self-titled debut album.

Vocalist Rivers Cuomo, now clad in blue jeans and a green camouflage jacket looked and sounded like an teenaged nerd from the 80s as he sang along with the overjoyed crowd. The band continued to mine its older material, playing the opening track from their first album, “My Name is Jonas,” which featured a ripping solo by Cuomo and some nice harmonica work by guitarist Brian Bell.

The stage had the signature “W” symbol in the background, along with a college dorm room vibe. It had random banners, colors, and symbols on large curtains. Weezer played hit after hit, and mixed it up with cover songs. Their recent “Teal” album features covers from Tears for Fears, TLC, and Toto. The band played hits like “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” “Africa,” and “No Scrubs.” Weezer ended the night with fan favorite “Say it Ain’t So,” and Cuomo thanked all the fans for being there. It was quite an experience with Weezer because every time they are in Sacramento, you don’t know what to expect.



Arik Ruiz

April 10th, 2019

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