Joe Kye at B Street

Always wanted to watch Joe Kye perform in person. It was a fun experience learning the history of his musical life.

The B street theatre was beautiful as always and the crowd was filling the seats. The executive producer of the B street theater introduce Joe Kye and The Givers!

Kye started off with “Where are you?” It was interesting to watch how he plays his violin. First he starts playing it like a ukulele, then records it, and play it in a loop. He starts singing and in the middle of the song, plays the violin beautifully.

Kye opened up to the audience and announced that he is having a son and a daughter. He joked about not doing shows for a while because of another priority. The next song was “Daughter,” dedicated to his unborn daughter. It was awesome to watch the guitarist, pianist, and drummer play with the rhythm of the violin.

It was time to a solo act. The Givers walked off stage and Joe Kye was on stage ready to share his story. He shared about being born in Korea and living in Seattle with his family. In November 2018, Kye became a US citizen and the crowd gave a huge applause. He even showed a video he recorded in the courtroom of the judge announcing it.

When the Givers came back on stage, Kye jokes about making mistakes and there were a few laughs from the crowd. He started singing “I’ve made mistakes and so have you” and used his hands for the crowd to repeat.



Arik Ruiz

April 15th, 2019

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