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Scarub (left) and Very are just trying on shoes for the blog launch party.

Scarub (left) and Very are just trying on shoes for the blog launch party.

Blogs are a fickle beast. They can create überstars from suburban black holes and bring mega attention to the most underground of events. But they also have this crazy habit of popping in and out of existence. Some stick around for years in near obscurity, almost undetected to the greater Internet community—except for a blogger’s mother. And then some blogs have a launch party. The Mash Up, a Sacramento-based blog that started in July, will host the ultimate launch party on Sunday. In as little as three months, the site designed to promote the culture of Sacramento (events, artists, venues) has evolved to highlight events such as Second Saturday, Rock the Bells and Treasure Island Music Festival. Its launch event will feature Scarub (Living Legends), Very, DJ Foundation, Ivan Ives, Vast Aire, Double AB, Agustus ThElefant, DJ Whores and DJ Phase. The bloggers hope to put Sacramento’s scene on a world platform—not an easy task, but one that will be a lot smoother with a pre-party.

And the Blog Party is just a few days away. Come through this Sunday! Flyer below. Props: News Review: Sacramento for the dope write up!




October 16th, 2009

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