How The West Was Won Tour

How The West Was Won tour was the west coast at it’s finest. Even with Nipsey Hussle’s absence, the show was a success. Mistah Fab and Too Short came to rock with Snoop as well as Lady of Rage in San Francisco at the Warfield. Snoop also paid tribute to Tupac with Hail Mary playing in the background, lighters were also held up. DJ Quik also did a great job. The west coast definitely won.

More videos after the jump…

Snoop, Too Short, Mistah Fab

Snoop Dogg – Ain’t Nothing But A G Thang

Snoop Dogg – 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted

Snoop Dogg – 187

Snoop Dogg – Hail Mary

DJ Quik




November 23rd, 2009

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