Rock The Bells Press Conference Dispels Rumors Of Lauryn Hill

Rock The Bells founder Chang Weisburg officially announced the line up for this year’s festival at a press conference and cleared up URB Magazine’s statement about Lauryn Hill headlining RTB:

In a followup post of the situation URB says:

“…So what does it mean when your inside sources tells you ‘I can’t confirm anything, buuuuttt, I won’t deny it.’? Apparently, not much. Here’s hoping that the ink is just not dry on the contracts.

We CAN however confirm that Ms. Hill will be performing at the Harmony Festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa California…

And we were right about one thing, that the theme of this year’s festival will be artist performing their classic albums, including Slick Rick performing the Great Adventures of Slick Rick. Krs-One performing Criminal Minded, Rakim performing Paid In Full and The Wu-Tang Clan performing Enter the 36 Chambers.’ ”

Source: Miss Info



Erik R.

May 26th, 2010

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