The Re-Emergence of Lauryn Hill


To say I’m a fan of Lauryn Hill would be an understatement.  ‘Miseducation’ dropped while I was in college and lets just say I {mis}sed a fair share of my classroom education learning from Ms. Hill.  Not to mention the women I passed up because they weren’t enough like Lauryn.  But let’s not get into those memories…

Now that she seems to be back and working on new music, together with my homie Eugene Walker, I decided to put together a little something to show my support.  I think it’s pretty dope and ain’t nobody else doing it….so there’s that.

In her absence, none have taken her place.  So if she wants it, it’s all her’s.

Lauryn Hill is returning to the wonderful world of entertainment.  On her own terms.  Whatever needed to be done has apparently been done.  The barriers that kept her away have been removed.  She seems ready to move in whatever direction her talents take her.  We’re simply along for the ride…

Her talent is immeasurable.  I’m certain she still has all of the gifts that made her Hip Hop royalty.  But we shouldn’t expect those gifts to lead her to the throne twice.  That’s unfair of us and too much pressure for her.  Lauryn’s ability to couple compassion, empathy, righteousness, love, respect and humility will never be duplicated.  The way she once spoke to us through her music cannot be the way we assume she’ll be speaking to us this time around.  Even as we come to accept this truth, we remain hopeful.

Whatever her future projects bring, I’ve got the feeling we’ll be better because of them.  Regardless of any acknowledgement or acceptance on her part, Lauryn will always own a place in Hip Hop culture that was representative of everything we could become.  Her return may force us to look back at what  was.  Looking back can be good…maybe we’ll use those past lessons to guide us into the future?

Peace. Power.




September 14th, 2010

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