The twenty-first century has unveiled many great musical talents in every genre, but one artist will clearly shine through the rest. Miguel Angel Cervantes, lives and breathes his euphonious agenda and is a lyrical force to be reckoned with. His stage name is undoubtedly controversial, but compliments his goals and aspirations to an innovative sound and style. M.I.Geezus, the name can be interpreted and deemed blasphemous but in fact it is exactly the opposite. So what can one truly decipher amongst a multitude of meanings? Simply that M.I.Geezus is the savior of hip hop; brace yourselves, critics and fans, introducing a hybrid hallmark of sound. At twelve years old, Miguel developed a fascination and nothing less than a fixation in a musical habitué. His father’s exceptional taste in old soul and Latin genres helped him to abide by a strict sense of music appreciation.

Determined to become an artist himself he began writing and learning the intricate details of the industry in hopes to one day make an imprint on hip-hop music. With his financial limitations, Miguel had to teach himself how to compose beats and mix music out of his self-made garage studio. In his studio, with an intrepid diligence, Miguel formed his first four-man group, Alumni. The focused and ambitious quad set up their desks that mocked that of a classroom setting and turned their closet into a vocal booth to begin a melodic legacy and a collection of hip-hop memories. In an internet savvy epoch, it’s impossible not to make musical connections with local talent. After releasing their work online, Alumni was soon on a flight to perform in one of the largest islands in the South Pacific, Tahiti. Following their return they teamed up with a paragon in hip hop, Chino XL. After recording a few notable tracks Alumni gained local recognition and in December of 2006 Miguel’s childhood dream became an instrumental reality; Alumni opened for hip-hop phenomenon and Miguel’s idol, Nas, in Sacramento, CA. Their humble success would spark an ambition within the group to send each artist out to embark upon a solo career.

Miguel knew that money could buy fancy equipment and studio time with the elite in the music business, but with compact capitol he’d have to tap into his God given resources. He discoursed that his musical talent would have to reflect in his lyrics. His goal was to individualize himself from every other artist and metaphorically introduce a versatile sound. He decided his signature as a new artist would permeate within and relate to his reality. He would also borrow from his own character traits which then provided an insight into his multifaceted personality. With his witty humor and keen ability to stir emotions, Miguel had found his niche.

In the Winter of 2009 Miguel’s first solo album, Identity Crisis, will debut and gridlock the hip-hop industry. The album is quotably, “a breath of fresh air to the industry”. Miguel’s musical premiere is cemented with nostalgic pavements and a reverberation of sound that will undisputedly gain recognition. He invites everyone into the depths of his mind and the musical passion tattooed into his soul to enjoy and criticize his reservoir of music, introducing: M.I.Geezus.




July 26th, 2009

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