Ticket Giveaway: RAEKWON of Wu-Tang Clan // Ace of Spades // Sun. 5.01 // All Ages

Brought to you by FUSE and The Mash Up, RAEKWON of Wu-Tang Clan will be performing LIVE in Sacramento on May 1st. The show will be held at Ace of Spades (1417 R Street. Sacramento, CA 95811) with an admission price of $20 on sale now. Doors open at 7PM, so come early to save your spot.

3 people and their guest, will have free access to this show. All you have to do is leave us your first name and your email in a comment (in this post only) and we will randomly pick a winner. If you enter more than once, you will be disqualified.

You will be notified by email from mashup916@gmail.com 2 days before the show (April 29th)

The winner and their guest will receive:

– free admissions to the show

The winner names will be put onto a guest list.

Winner must be present with i.d. to receive tickets.

Tickets are non transferable.

Sunday MAY 1st 2011

Wu-Tang vs Shaolin Tour comes to Sacramento

live peroformances by
SPECIAL GUEST and performers!

Located at:
1417 R Street
on corner of 15th and R streets
in Downtown Sacramento

SHOW: 7:00PM – 11:00PM




April 4th, 2011



  1. Schuyler says:

    Yo what up yall… Hope i win the GOLDEN PRIZE….. goodlookin… Skee..

  2. mark says:

    this is going to be a sick show. gotta tell everybody

  3. Jermaine R. says:

    Cash Rules Everything Around Me…

  4. Sharon says:


  5. Adia says:

    I would love to attend.

  6. Wes Kuruhara says:

    Raekwondahchef is gonna be servin a full course meal!!! Can’t wait to see another chef creation!

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  8. Bentley Jorgensen says:

    Raekwon in Sac…..yezzir

  9. Bentley Jorgensen says:

    Raekwon in Sac!!!

  10. corrine says:

    we’re all wu-gambinos!

  11. Sophia says:

    Sweet YO!

  12. Joel Araujo says:

    “Ayo, rappers stepping to me, they want a brick, son but I’m the Chef, my price is 26, son.”


  13. erina dominick says:

    I’m too excited!!!

    • Joyce says:

      I’m going to buy myself some of these things regardless of it being Christmas. I ca;7&821#nt believe I never saw any of these (other than the Dreamer stuff, of course :P) before! :O

  14. Richard says:

    Dolla dilla bills yall

  15. Gabriela Hernandez says:

    My name is Gabriela and I would love to BE on the guestlist I am ready to see my brothas from anotha mother rock! THE CUF but to be at this show when this will be the first time Raekwon Performs LIVE in SAC…

  16. genevia says:

    Genevia – gswylie@gmail.com (follow the rules to win, folks!!!)

  17. candice ferns says:

    Wish me luck folks. ~one love

  18. adam foster sr says:

    BRAIL….believing real art is living…post writen by Mr.Foster contactbrail@gmail.com

    • Florence says:

      Hutniiamlig is not the right word. Ryan did not take it angrily. But honestly, if someone goes to the place where you work and pours something on you — i just really wonder how much of a sense of humor you really would have.

  19. Kyle Pulliam says:

    This shit is gonna be ill! kphempster@yahoo.com

    • Precious says:

      m cago en tu puta madre !!! t voy a arrancar los ojos y luego t voy a mear en el agujero q qede so ijos d mp!!aa!!!!!tu! m an robao en mi cuarto x vuestra puta culpaaaa sereis imbeciles!!!!!

  20. shawn m. says:

    Ice h20 vatican shit. Pick me!

  21. tay says:

    tay gorman
    PLZ!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Maud says:

      Atation Messieurs – Dames : plus ou moins 3 semaines après la fin de saison officielle, l’année tennis 2012 se termine enfin sur 15lt. D’ici quelques minutes, toutes les certitudes seront bousculées. La fin du monde est pr38Se&#c2o0;htay tuned !

  22. Kelsey says:


  23. Ali says:

    Yo its me again

  24. corrine says:

    the only way i can go to this is if i win tix so hook a sista up!!

  25. DJ INNATE Nathan Van Houten says:

    I need to get my purple vinyl signed by ray. Whad up?

  26. Vickie says:


  27. Tabby says:

    I support the Mashups.net, Doey Rock & the whole Raekwon tour! LetsgOooo!

  28. KIsha-Michelle says:

    Def want to be at this show!!! One more ticket give-away pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease…lol

    • Queenie says:

      78 degrees!! I think you by passed even CA?!! Wonderful!! woohoo and I hope your energy lasts till you get to enjoy it! I’ve been about as gray as our clouds this wee3t#82k0;got&a get outta that rut!I since you don’t notice those stringy thingys I could probably, maybe, not sure but try to do it with a blind-fold on?! ha ha.-= Joan´s last blog .. =-.

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