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Watch Out for Killa Castle: Nani Castle Releases The Amethyst Tape


Nani Castle is a young emcee proving to the world of hip hop that she is here and ready to be heard!  This Staten Island native just dropped her newest project, The Amethyst Tape, and it is nothing less than, how she’d say, “Pink Gold.”  Her enticing lyrics mixed with producer, Udachi’s, psychedelic beats remind me of MIA on her rooky album: bold, passionate, and not of this world.  In the song, “Pink Gold” she says, “This is my town and I’m comin’ to ruin ya’. Didn’t know any sooner that the powers were lunar.”  In this sentence alone, she is exuding confidence, proving loyalty to her city and its people, and then tops it off by throwing a little consciousness in it…just in case her listeners try and dismiss her elevated mind power.  Nani’s tape is rambunctious and bitterly awe-some; her sound is more poetic than the typical music that appeals to the masses.

Her music is something that is not for the mainstream, top 40’s crowd.  If you mess with Nani Castle, you’re ready to hear things like “I’ll be playing chess in a see-through dress with the personification of death” from “Crushed Velvet Remix” and my favorite line, “Come through like a sniper, f*ck with the scissors, get cut; behead us in a stunt, smirk, and a big butt” from “Lift the Veil.”  Even though there were a few songs on this line-up that I couldn’t fully get into, I respect this young, East Coast artist.  The contrast of her rhythmic spit against an electric/hip-hop beat forces the audience to really hear her lyrics and break the barrier of mindless music listening.  Nani Castle’s new mixtape guides it’s listeners to mental freedoms through her comfortability of self, intellectual ideals, and unmistakable Shaolin Slum (Staten Island) rifts.

Check out The Amethyst Tape here:





Taylor D

March 24th, 2015

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