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Russ Solomon Passes in the most Boss Way

I used to skip school on the regular to go and spend hours meandering around Tower Records. Back when you could throw headphones on and listen to the next big artist on the rise, or the staff picks of the week (they were always better than the chart toppers) — it was a seminal part of my high school survival. My friend Matt, who I had known since elementary school, had a parent who worked as a manager and he would give us his employee discount.

Sometimes he would give us CDs for free, depending on how many they had, or if they get a bunch of listening copies. It was like Christmas every time we would walk through the doors and his dad would go to hand us a stack of music for us to listen to. I looked like the coolest kid on earth because when you walked into my room, the shelves were so stacked with music, it almost looked like I worked at Tower.

I will be forever grateful to Tower Records, and to Russ Solomon for the indelible mark he left on the Sacramento landscape.

Also… is there a way to go that is more boss than going out sipping whiskey as you watch Sacramento’s own traipse down the red carpet? I can only imagine how his heart must have swelled with pride as he watched.

Russ Solomon is one of the original Sacramento weirdos, and he is one of the people that inadvertently encouraged me to be who I am today. The access to music that he gave me in a time when the internet didn’t really factor into things, can never be forgotten or replaced.

We love you Russ.



Olivia Monahan

March 5th, 2018

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