Electric Christmas 2018

Electric Christmas 2018

Well, it’s another Christmas and another Electric festival in Sacramento, CA.

It was an interesting lineup this year with Matt & Kim, Elle King, Sublime with Rome, and 30 Seconds to Mars. This is the second year where Electric Christmas takes places at the Golden 1 Center.

Matt & Kim brought so much energy when they walked on stage. Kim Schifino was feeling good and screamed out to the crowd that this is their last show of the year and wanted to go all out on this show. Matt Johnson was more calm, but also had a good time. Kim was playing with so much passion and always had a smile on her face when she was jamming out on the drums. Matt was having a great time paying the piano and stood on one leg of his piano chair during their set. During the show, the stage crew brought blown up naked manikins and threw them to the crowd. It was very interesting but the fans were having fun. The background for Matt & Kim was a giant screen that displayed many visual effects and colors. They finished their set with fan favorite “Let’s Go.”

Next came Elle King and her band. Elle walked on stage and the fans started to scream in excitement. Elle started out with her song “Baby Outlaw,” followed by “Ram Jam.” The first half pf Elle’s set she sang solo on her micriphone, but in the middle of the set she brought out her guitar. Elle talked to the crowd and talked about respect and enjoying life in the moment. The fans were cheering as Elle talked. The fans continued to throw the manikins throughout the show and were enjoying Elle’s voice. When Elle Kings and her band started playing “Ex’s and Oh’s” the fans went crazy. Everyone knew this song and all of the words.

The next band was Sublime with Rome. They began their set with “Date Rape” and the fans were all singing along. Lead singer Rome Ramirez asked the crowd if it was their first show and some of the fans began to cheer. Rome asked the crowd if the crowd has seen Sublime with Rome before, and many of the fans were screaming yes. Throughout the show, Sublime with Rome played their hits, “Wrong Way,” “Doin Time,” and finished their set with “Santeria.” It was a fantastic show and Sublime with Rome really had the crows ready for the headliner 30 Seconds to Mars.

There was a 15 minute delay before 30 Seconds to Mars came out on stage, but the wait was worth it. Jared Leto came out on stage wearing sunglasses and sang “Walk on Water.” Jared was wearing a pink robe, while his brother Shannin Leto was jamming out on the drums. Throughout the show, 30 Seconds to Mars performed their hit and hit. I thought it was hilarious when Jared Leto asked the fans if they ever heard of the song “The Kill.” Jared sang it beautifully and soon after, took off his sunglasses. In the middle of the set, the stage crew threw out giant colorful balloon balls to the crowd. Towards to end of the show, Jared asked the audience who wanted to come on stage with him for the last few songs. Fans went crazy and they all raised their hands. 30 Seconds to Mars finished the night with “Closer to the Edge.”

It was an enjoyable night at Electric Christmas with a variety of music genres and talented artists. Let’s see what happens next year!



Arik Ruiz

December 9th, 2018

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