Rebelution at Chula Vista

Wow, what a show! A little bit of soul, jazz, rock, and reggae. This was one of the most diverse shows the mashup has covered this year! Let’s recap the show shall we.

Chula Vista Amphitheatre was full of energy and had an interesting set up on stage. There was a giant screen that had creative art of mountains and the sky. The colors were black, grey, and white. Lastly, there was a giant R that represents Rebelution.

Duran Jones and the Indications opened up for a 45 minute set and they were amazing. Jones came out with a white tee with a lion in the middle and got down with the vocals. This band had 7 musicians! Piano, bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and vocals. They started off with “Make a Change” and finished off with a cover of The Beatles classic “Don’t Let Me Down.” It was good vibes and a beautiful Saturday night in Chula Vista.

Protoje came out and we had a lot of fun watching another great artist. The reggae artist is already getting bigger each year and it’s amazing how far he has come. Along with Protoje, he had many musicians share the stage. There were two female vocals, two guitarists, drummer, bassist, and pianist. Throughout the show, one of the female vocalist led off a song and had her own solo performance. The Indiggnation represented well. A few songs later, one of the guitarist sang a song and has an amazing voice. Such a super talented band. After, Protoje did his thing on stage. He played hits like “Rasta Love”, “Who Knows”, and “Blood Money.” In the middle of the show, he told the audience at Chula Vista Amphitheatre to listen to his music on Spotify and Apple Music. He’s going to revive a lot more followers after this fantastic performance! Towards the end of the show, Protoje and the pianist had a synchronize dance off and it was fun to watch. They ended with classic Tupac song California.

Everyone was ready for Rebelution and they were spectacular! The stage had colorful lazor beams that played to the rhythm of their songs. Rebelution played their hits “Safe and Sound”, “Feeling Alright,” Sky is the Limit,” and “Fade Away.” In the middle of the show, Duran Jones and the Indications drummer came out and sang old school songs “My Girl” and “Pony.” Guitarist had a solo performance and the lights were all over the place. Towards the end of the show, Protoje came out to perform “Inhale Exhale” with Rebelution.

Overall, this was one of the best shows in 2019 for themashup. We hope to cover these amazing artists real soon!



Arik Ruiz

June 19th, 2019

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