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Hello fellow MASHUP READERS! So, what did y’all all think about Northern Nights 7th annual forest party festival!!? Wasn’t it absolutely wonderful?? And if you didn’t get to go.. save up for 2020! We highly recommend it. So this is Aika reporting for a NNMF RECAP to give you a short descriptor of the recently pasted festival last weekend. This was personally my 3rd year attending, and my 4th year affiliated with this beautiful collective. It is hands down one of my favorite music festivals in this lifetime- this magical atmosphere allow folks to find themselves through means of nature, sound, and community. Something I find to be astounding about this festival every year that I go is the fact that though NNMF has grown a lot over the last few years, there are still a large sum of indivudials who maintain a persistence in spreading good energy.

This is a space for me that feels like roll-call to all the good vibrating people who come together to celebrate their lives, and the Earth that nurtures us. This was another heart warming experience that I believe to be transformative, and FILLED with hard partiers. I spoke to one of our neighbors who expressed to TheMashUp that he has been angry all his life, but has found peace at his first NNMF2019. There have been so many faces that may have feel something similar in feeling, but this place has helped to alleviate pain and amplify an ideal sense of community for NNMF goers. Below is the river stage stage where everyone is dancing, smiling, and a little tipsy shaking their booties! Some of the people I saw here were at NNMF in previous years. That’s when you know a festival is a true underground hub.

A community that dances together, stays (at the river stage) together. Shot by Amy Alvarez

Briefly speaking, Northern Nights Music Festival (NNMF) is a 3-day celebration of music, art, food and local culture that takes place annually the 3rd weekend in July. This year, NNMF was July 19th-21st, 2019 at Cook’s Valley Campground on the South Fork Eel River. This area has hosted many acclaimed music festivals and renowned talent over the past 20 years.

In the crowd of Northern Night Music Festival’s Main Stage. Shot by Aika Eden

People from all over the West Coast & beyond will converge upon one of the world’s most breathtaking open-air venues to enjoy a 3-day weekend of camping in the redwoods, music, art, food, silent disco, tree lounge, yoga, and floating the river! Tucked along the Eel River just a few hours north of San Francisco, Northern Nights offers a diverse boutique festival experience in an epic location.

It’s no longer a secret that Northern Nights Music Festival (NNMF) is Northern California’s crown jewel. It’s an escape from reality, constructing a community of friends and strangers alike over the course of 72 hours. Rooted in Northern California’s community and culture, their vision is to actively participate in the preservation and promotion of small business and the Cannabis lifestyle across festival grounds. Coming into the tree lounge was exquisite. There was flower all around us! Ice cream, clothes, you name it! One of the featuring artists, Berner, even had his “COOKIES” brand included in all of the green lounge fun!

Camping in the Grove Area. shot by Conner Coughenour

As an avid festival goer, a lot of festivals we come to love become saturated with festival goers who go to music festivals with no intention on connecting with the music, the people, and most of all, themselves. Northern Nights has proved to me over and over again that this event’s one of the most authentic independent festivals that truly invite individuals to reconnect to their present selves, and not consumed by societal cruelness. We don’t come to Northern Nights to escape reality, we come to Northern Nights plug back into our own. Life doesn’t have to be cruel, filled with mean-spirited people. This festival has reminded me how large the world is, and that there is an entire network of people who truly look out for peoples best interest along with their own.

If you missed this years fest, that’s all right! Now you get to prepare -very- well for what is to come! This is where all of the freaks come to rep their freak flag, and conjoin with other beautiful party goers! Thank you, Northern Nights! You have out done yourself again! Can’t wait for next year, who knows, maybe one of our press media members will be spinning!… Stay tuned readers, and keep it real Northern Nights Music Festival!!!



Aika Eden

July 27th, 2019

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