TheMashup was launched in the summer of ’09 with an idea to change promotional marketing and branding in the music industry while giving our city a bigger platform to expose their talents. We created this movement to set forth in breaking down barriers and to enlighten the masses through music.

Initially the site showcased local artists who were not getting the exposure and recognition in our city, nor nationally. We then launched a series of mixtapes to maximize the artists’ exposure. Together with our sister company, FUSE, we have consistently produced quality events and publications that garnered an audience that reached beyond our city. Witnessing the success of our contribution to music, we took our blog to the next level. We began to introduce our viewers to upcoming artists, breaking them nationally and globally, to expanding on cultural lifestyle that catered to our demographics as well as poetry, show coverage and reviews to sponsorships, fundraisers and festivals.

Nine years of dedication to our initial movement, we have officially built solid relationships with a plethora of publicity companies, festival and concert promotion executives, blogs and cultural centers along the west coast with a long list of interviews ranging from local to mainstream acts across the globe.

We at TheMashup will continue to lead by example, donating time, talents and knowledge to our community through endless reviews, events and volunteering through our many outlets. Our mission is to continue to bring light to what is not seen in mainstream media as well as support what consciousness of culture is about.

Questions, Sponsorships or Submissions Inquiry Here: themashup916@gmail.com